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Illuminating biomarker detection – Leading the way in personalized medicine.

Scientists at ApoCell have developed innovative assays to support pre-clinical and clinical drug development. Our meticulous approach for biomarker quantification has led to the discovery of markers that correlate with clinical response to both conventional and molecular targeted therapies. These specific case studies highlight technology milestones and examples of applications using our proprietary process.

Pre-Clinical Studies

1. Biomarker Assay Validation for Intra-Tumoral Quantification of Phosphorylated-VEGFR-2

2. Quantification of Cell Specific Apoptosis to Determine Optimization of Combination Therapy

Clinical Studies

3. Validation of Biomarker Correlation with Clinical Outcome on FDA Approved Targeted Therapies

4. Development of Biomarker Assays for Monitoring Target Inhibition in Circulating Tumor Cells and Circulating Endothelial Cells

5. Novel Assay Development for Monitoring the Effects of Angiogenesis Inhibitors

6. Multiplex Assay for Simultaneous Quantification of RTK Target Inhibition and Apoptosis in Endothelial Cells and Tumor Cells

7. Phase I Study to Identify Optimal Biological Dose

Tissue Microarray Studies

8. High Complexity Cellular Localization Study Identifies Melanoma Survival Protein

Clinical Diagnostics

9. Development of a Clinical Diagnostic that Predicts Efficacy of Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer