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Advancing Clinical Research.

ApoCell manages the logistics involved with receiving trial specimens from over 650 trial sites worldwide, including 392 international sites. ApoCell offers a premium service of worldwide specimen management and tracking. Our experienced in-house logistics team stocks the clinical sites with validated collection and shipping kits and tracks kit stock and expiration to ensure that kits are available when needed. ApoCell’s team efficiently manages all documentation and tracking of incoming specimens in order to anticipate problems and implement solutions.

  • Logistics to handle specimen shipping globally
  • Timely sample shipping and receipt (typical time from draw at international sites to arrival at ApoCell is less than 50 hours)
  • Custom designed collection and shipping kits
  • Detailed instructions for specimen preparation and handling
  • Communication with each investigational site
  • Unique identification number of each specimen for accurate laboratory tracking
  • Expertise in managing complex documentation and regulatory requirements