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Molecular Profiling & Diagnostics at Single Cell Level.

CTC Enumeration

After ApoStream® enrichment, CTCs can be further immunophenotyped by quantitative image analysis using ApoCell’s proprietary Laser Scanning Cytometry (LSC). Preliminary data indicate that ApoStream® technology is capable of isolating thousands of CTCs from advanced prostate and lung cancer patients. ApoCell is now using this technology to capture and identify CTCs from non-epithelial based cancers as well as increase the number of CTCs recovered from epithelial based cancers.


CTC Protein Analysis

ApoStream® technology provides unique advantages over immuno-labeling based approaches for isolating CTCs from a wide variety of cancers, especially in a viable state, facilitating research into the molecular underpinning of disease condition to further enable personalized therapy.

Functional Biomarkers
Single Cell Protein Analysis


CTC Molecular Characterization

ApoStream® technology has been proven to be superior to current immunomagnetic CTC enrichment methods in terms of substantially increased sensitivity and greater yields of CTCs for downstream molecular analysis.

Genomic/Genetic Analysis