BIOmarker discovery

Precision for Medicine’s Houston site (formerly ApoCell) provides customized biomarker discovery solutions to biopharma for accelerated drug development using integrated platform technologies. To learn more about Precision for Medicine’s full suite of services, visit Precision for Medicine.


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Our Services

Platform Technologies
Assay Development
Circulating Tumor Cells
Flow Cytometry
Immunofluorescence Image Analysis
Cytokine Profiling
Clinical Sample Processing Services
Strategic Alliances

Areas of Expertise

Liquid Biopsy

Precision for Medicine offers a comprehensive approach to using liquid biopsies (CTCs, ctDNA, exosomes) to detect and monitor multiple biomarkers using less sample.

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Clinical Trial Support

Precision for Medicine provides biomarker design, sample collection and logistics support, and esoteric testing services across multiple therapeutic areas.

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Precision for Medicine’s integrated platform technologies help advance immuno-oncology drug candidates from pre-clinical discovery through phase III clinical trials.

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Companion Diagnostics

Precision for Medicine’s biomarker-based assays can form the basis for laboratory developed tests and IVDs enhancing therapeutic outcomes.

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Utilize biomarker testing strategies to advance your clinical pipeline.

Services Partnerships

Precision for Medicine partners with organizations involved in accelerating the process of therapeutic development and patient care, including CROs, other analytical labs, and patient advocacy groups.

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ApoStream Partnership

Precision for Medicine is seeking strategic partners for commercialization of its proprietary technology for use in various applications, including oncology, infectious disease, fetal cells, viable cell preservation, bacterial monitoring, regenerative medicine, and therapeutic manufacturing.

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