Precision for Medicine (formerly ApoCell) has provided esoteric biomarker testing services in a regulated laboratory environment for drug development to more than 150 pharmaceutical and biotechnology sponsor companies in over 260 clinical studies worldwide.

Our integrated platform technology approach enables us to support translational biomarker clinical studies across multiple therapeutic areas including oncology, inflammation, autoimmune diseases, regenerative medicine, diabetes, and immuno-oncology.

Our Consultative Approach

Our approach to strategic design of various types of biomarker endpoints and implementation of technologies to measure these biomarkers has advanced many investigational therapies from discovery to the regulated clinical market. Our expertise has helped to identify and validate biomarkers used for patient stratification, drug resistance, mechanism of action, and optimal dosing regimens (particularly in combination therapies), including intravenous versus oral formulations. Our data has supported numerous regulatory applications.

Ancillary Services

Precision for Medicine offers a full range of ancillary clinical trial support services ranging from biomarker design and implementation, generation of laboratory manuals and documentation, validated sample collection kits, and logistic management. These services are focused on stabilizing patient samples at time of collection to ensure the best quality data can be generated.  These ancillary services were expanded over time out of the necessity to provide a higher level of customer service to our clients, and importantly to ensure the most efficient and economical transit of patient samples to the laboratory.