Soluble proteins including cytokines, chemokines and growth factors are small proteins that mediate and regulate immunity, involved in many diseases including cancers. The concentration of these proteins in blood and tissues may point to the pathway to inflammatory response or disease progression. Consequently, they are very useful as a tool for screening, diagnosis classification between stages of disease or surveillance for therapy.

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For an in-depth assessment of inflammatory responses, our cytokine profiling assays are designed to measure cytokines and chemokines released from chosen target cells. Precision for Medicine (formerly ApoCell) specializes in activated T-cell based assays requiring same day treatment and processing. These assays can be customized to detect specific groups of cytokines of interest, using either real-time PCR or ELISA/Luminex technology.


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Flow Cytometry

Precision for Medicine develops customized solutions for flow cytometry biomarker challenges. Our scientists take a hands-on, collaborative approach to developing and deploying flow cytometry assays that perform to meet your standards.

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