With a constant eye toward personalized medicine, Precision for Medicine (formerly ApoCell) scientists understand not only the importance of discovering and analyzing biomarkers, but the need to customize flow cytometry assays for clients to provide them with the important data they need. Precision for Medicine has integrated multi-parameter flow cytometry into our technology platforms to support translational biomarker clinical studies.

Flow Cytometry Panel Analysis

Flow cytometry biomarkers are critical in immuno-oncology

The ability to quantify the frequency of specific subpopulations accurately is a key endpoint in immuno-oncology clinical trials. Standardized panels are often very general and not specific enough to capture your subpopulations of interest. Precision for Medicine’s team has the experience and know-how to detect and quantify the specific cells you want.

Beyond immuno-oncology as well

Precision for Medicine uses flow cytometry to detect and quantify circulating endothelial cells, tumor cells, and their apoptotic status has been shown in several recent studies to be predictive of patients’ clinical outcome and response to therapy.

Stand-alone or as part of a complex workflow

Precision for Medicine’s scientists excel at designing and implementing complex workflows to maximize the amount of data obtained from a single liquid biopsy blood sample. The ApoStream platform  can be used to isolate and enumerate rare CTCs while the remaining PBMCs can be analyzed with our flow cytometry capabilities to understand what is happening to both the tumor cells and immune cells from the same blood sample. This can also be coupled with our other capabilities like genomics or cytokine profiling to deliver the comprehensive biomarker data to understand complex biology.

ApoStream Flow

Flexible flow cytometry services

  • Evaluate investigational agents in pre-clinical and clinical studies on a multi-site and worldwide basis.
  • Perform biomarker discovery by identifying patient populations most likely to respond to therapy and monitoring pharmacodynamic changes on target cells in response to treatment.
  • Multi-color immunophenotyping additional blood cell populations including Lymphocyte subsets (TH, TC, TM, Treg and B cells), Stem cells (LSC and HSC), Reticulocytes, MDSC. Macrophage and Monocyte sub-populations. Detect and enumerate rare circulating endothelial or progenitor cells based on phenotype, apoptosis or phosphorylation status.
  • Utilize cytometric bead array assays to multiplex cytokine measurements in plasma or serum with great sensitivity.
  • Precision for Medicine also has validated sample collection kits and logistical services that ensure optimal sample procurement and stability for accurate results.

Precision for Medicine has a number of custom panels validated and will work with to customize assays to meet specific research needs.