Immunohistochemistry (IHC) biomarkers are a key component of today’s drug development process. Precision for Medicine (formerly ApoCell) has experience in developing and validating IHC biomarkers to support many key areas in our CLIA laboratory:

  • Evaluate pharmacodynamic effects and therapeutic efficacy
  • Patient enrollment and stratification with a 72-hour turnaround time
  • Mechanism of action to further understand drug activity
  • Predictive and prognostic biomarkers
  • Monitor immune response to immunotherapies by profiling key immune cell populations

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Validate your IHC assay to get the most data out of your samples

Tissue samples are limited and maximizing the data generated from small amounts of tissue is critical to the success of any biomarker program. Our team of scientists have developed and implemented many types of IHC assays. We take a consultative approach to ensure our validation approach matches your needs. Our team has validated IHC assays to support early stage or exploratory proof of concept studies, through Phase III studies that require a CLIA validated assay.

Pathology and Logistics Services

Our clinical trial support team can manufacture and ship kits to support the stable transit of tissue samples from anywhere in the world to our laboratory. We can prepare kits and receive samples as either FFPE blocks, formalin-fixed tissue or individual slides. We offer a full range of pathology services from tissue processing to pathological review and customized scoring.


Couple IHC biomarker assays with our integrated platform technologies to generate robust data sets

Clinical biomarkers go far beyond traditional IHC. We offer customized work flows across our integrated platform technologies to generate incredibly rich data.

  • Look at multiple tissue biomarkers for immunophenotyping with multiplex quantitative immunofluorescent image analysis.
  • Liquid biopsies offer an alternative when tissues are not available for serial assessment of pharmacodynamic biomarkers.
  • Leverage our genomics applications to understand the genetics behind the proteomic results.
  • Immunophenotype blood samples from the same patients via flow cytometry for in depth analysis of the immune system in both the tumor and blood.
  • Detect chromosomal abnormalities by FISH or mRNA by ISH in the same tissue samples used for IHC

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Precision for Medicine’s integrated platform technologies help advance immuno-oncology drug candidates from pre-clinical discovery through phase III clinical trials.

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