Advances in medical research, especially in oncology, are advancing at a rapid pace with academic & government labs playing an extremely important role.

These laboratories are the critical link between industry and the patients in need of new medical treatments. It can be resource intensive to maintain a fully compliant and comprehensive testing lab that can support the assays required in today’s clinical trials.

ApoCell was started, in part, because of our strong ties to MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Many of the industry’s most innovative drugs have ties to researchers based here in Houston, TX at the cancer center. Our mission in working with leading primary investigators across academic institutions and the government is to bring together cutting-edge innovation and scientific knowledge with expert leaders in the field so that we can work together to bring more effective therapies to the commercial market.

ApoCell’s proprietary liquid biopsy CTC technology, ApoStream, was co-developed and co-funded with the National Cancer Institute (NCI). This technology has enabled us to better understand the biological effect of novel therapies in various oncology clinical trials using whole blood from patients.

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Liquid Biopsy

ApoCell offers a comprehensive approach to using liquid biopsies (CTCs, ctDNA, exosomes) to detect and monitor multiple biomarkers using less sample.

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