Navigating the rapidly expanding clinical biomarkers industry is an increasingly difficult task for today’s biopharmaceutical companies.

At Precision for Medicine (formerly ApoCell), our deep scientific understanding of molecular profiling combined with our suite of fully integrated platform technologies enables us to support a wide array of biomarker monitoring strategies through our service portfolio.

Precision for Medicine leverages proprietary technology to identify and analyze clinical biomarkers in order to fulfill our mission to help biopharmaceutical companies advance their lead drug candidates through clinical trials and into the hands of doctors. The outcome of these partnerships with biopharma is an economical understanding of investigational therapies and their impact on human biology that accelerates regulatory approval of new treatments for personalized medicine

It is our hope that the work we do with our partner organizations will lead to durable and long-lasting cures for these devastating diseases.

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Precision for Medicine’s integrated platform technologies help advance immuno-oncology drug candidates from pre-clinical discovery through phase III clinical trials.

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